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14 December

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Here are some of Care of Gerd's bestsellers
DIY - Gör din egen massagesaltskrubb.
Endel i vår filosofi är att inspirera till att använda mindre produkter. Framförallt att se att en produkt som säljs ofta kan användas till flera saker. Det är både miljöetiskt och roligt att utmana sig själv och fråga - behöver jag verkligen den där prylen.
c/o GERD

Organic Beauty Products
- from swedish lapland -

In 2008 we, Anna-Lena Wiklund Rippert and Johan Wiklund, decided to for fill our dream to make use out of Swedish Lapland´s berries and herbs and make luxury cosmetics. The journey has taken us from a small basement to a modern factory facility, and now we are expanding and ten folding the production capacity. We are raised with wonderful parents who both refined what nature had to give. Meat, berries, fish, herbs and roots, and always with the greatest respect for nature. Our mother is called Gerd and we wanted to celebrate her by naming the business c/o Gerd or Care of Gerd as we call it.