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Taste of Jokkmokk  in the group Campagins at  Nature Cosmetic Group Of Swedish Lapland AB (MORSDAGKIT)

Taste of Jokkmokk

€147.87 / €102.91

The packet includes:

Lingonberry hand Soap 500 ml

Lingonberry Hand Cream 75 ml

Handdesinfectant 100 ml


Clean face Canola 10 ml

Eco facial Scrub 10 ml

Cloudberry Facial Mask 10 ml

Cloudberry Facial Cream 10 ml

Lemongrass Body shower 30 ml

Sauna Birch Scrub 30 ml

Body Lotion Lingonberry 30 ml

Muscle Liniment 10 ml

Essense of Lapland – Herb guide- Eva Gunnare

Booklet about northern swedisg herbs and plants. Note! This is in Swedish! 

Taste – A bag of roasted angelica seeds to use when cooking. A traditional sámi herb. 

Jokkmokkbär – Berry processor- Karin Nordström

Cloudberry Marmelade 100g. Made from cloudberries picked around Jokkmokk. 
Eat as you would an ordinary marmelade. It´s a treat! 

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